Fleece Wool

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My Gotland wool is suitable for felting, blending and spinning.


Vanilla White

Tip Top White
Milky Way Grey
Grey Crush
Marble Grey
Choc-o-late Grey
Brown Grey
Black Forrest

Rarer Gotland Colours:

Snow Under Grey
Rocky Road Grey
Oatmeal Grey

Pricing (excludes postage):
Gotland ewe fleece - From $NZ24/kg*
Gotland lamb fleece - From $NZ26/kg*

Gotland X Lamb Fleeces

Gotland/Coloured Merino X are available after May when all lambs are shorn (including Gotland).

These lamb fleeces are suitable for felting, blending and spinning. Because of their extreme softness and low micron I recommend these fleeces for spinning.


Brown Tipped Grey

Pricing (excludes postage):
Gotland X lamb fleece - From $NZ26/kg*

Coloured Polwarth

My Polwarth fleeces are suitable for blending and spinning.


Charcoal Grey Brown

Pricing (excludes postage):
Ewe fleece - From $NZ22/kg*

*Note: Prices are subject to change without warning